The first time I visited NYC was in November 2001. The city was still grieving, and the dust in the air was so acrid it burned one’s throat. Trinity Church was covered with fliers begging onlookers to call a number if they had seen the face on the flier. The South Tower was partially erect like a broken skeletal remain. The pervasive sadness and sense of loss was palpable, but the pulse of that magnificent city prevailed. There was a unity in visiting NYC and paying one’s respect, not only to the still-smoking Ground Zero, but to New Yorkers. Their resilience and courage in the face of such a devastating event, made any trouble that I was experiencing trivial. Their grief and shock was humbling. I’ve visited NYC several times since 9/11, and it is one of my favorite places. This photo I took shortly after 9/11 in Central Park.

But today, I’m just remembering that terrifying day and all of the courageous souls that lost their lives in such a horrific way. May they rest in peace.